Posted on: May 4, 2012 5:38 pm
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What has happened to sports?

There is a reason the UFC is becoming a dominant sport. Its because it is real sport backed by solid ethics by its ruling body. The NFL has had scandals for the past decade, probably longer, and is so money hungry I don't even believe it's real anymore. In MMA, unless there is a real feud between participants, there is a handshake and congratulations following the event. The only team sport where the handshake is even used is in hockey, in the playoffs. There isn't even room for it in the amateur world of college sports. The sportsmanship in sports is so far gone that it will take some serious legislating to get it back. If a player gets hurt, he will whine about how it was intentional, and will automatically accuse the other party of foul play. I love sports, but to see all semblance of sportsmanship go out the window is a viewport into what our culture has become. There is no respect for the peer, there is no respect for what the other people put in. Is it really that difficult to line up and give the other players a handshake? It may not be sincere, but it is still there and being done, out of respect. It doesn't have to be televised. All we ever see is guys giving their teammates handshakes and hugs. Show some respect for your opponents, all of them, be it the 12 in basketball, 25 in baseball, 19 in hockey, or 53 in football, every one of them work hard and deserve respect from every one of the other players
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Is the NFL even real anymore?

Over the last decade, we have seen some very poor to mediocre franchises rise to prominence. We have seen the Patriots go from a laughable franchise to a "dynasty". We have seen the ever-futile Saints rise to greatness. We have seen NO Super bowl victoriees from west of the Mississippi River (New Orleans aside).

There has not been a Super Bowl win from a franchise west of the river since the 1999 Rams. Could one side of the country be that futile? There has been 2 teams south of baltimore to win. Tampa and New Orleans. In fact, aside from one super bowl champion (Indy) in the last decade, none have been outside of the east coast. Pittsburgh (x2) New York (x2) and New England (x3). The fact that New Enggland has lost TWICE to New York, seperated by 4 years is not just astounding, it's unbelievable. Literally, to this writer, unbelievable. The NFL has taken a page from the WWE. The way to make the most money is to create storylines that pull people in ( New England shockingly winning after 9/11, then New Orleans winning after Katrina, New York/ New England rematch, guaranteed first black coach to win a Super Bowl [Lovie Smith or Tony Dungy]) and make sure that your most popular characters (both literal and metaphorical) hold the title more often than not.

The idea that the NFL has larger-than-life drama and characters year in and year out also rings a bell. Throw in the HUGE payouts for owners AND players, and what is at stake if the company does not make money, and you have a perfect recipe to begin ensuring that teams WILL not win a title, that some will never rise above mediocrity. It's the NFL, most of the talent is as close to even as you can get, yet some teams struggle year in year out to even reach 6 wins says that there is some sort of holding back going on.

Add in the fact that players have openly said they felt cheated or wronged by the way game goes, and the fact that you RARELY see a player sitting on the sidelines crying after they get eliminated from the playoffs is another sign that they know what is coming. Remember the SEC title game that Bama laid a whooping on Florida and we all saw Tim Tebow crying on the sidelines? Where was that last year when his Broncos got taken to the woodshed? The stakes were just as high, if not higher, yet we did not see the same genuine show of emotion from a man whom is known for his emotion.

Just some things to think about

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