Posted on: May 4, 2012 11:42 am

What has happened to sports?

There is a reason the UFC is becoming a dominant sport. Its because it is real sport backed by solid ethics by its ruling body. The NFL has had scandals for the past decade, probably longer, and is so money hungry I don't even believe it's real anymore. In MMA, unless there is a real feud between participants, there is a handshake and congratulations following the event. The only team sport where the handshake is even used is in hockey, in the playoffs. There isn't even room for it in the amateur world of college sports. The sportsmanship in sports is so far gone that it will take some serious legislating to get it back. If a player gets hurt, he will whine about how it was intentional, and will automatically accuse the other party of foul play. I love sports, but to see all semblance of sportsmanship go out the window is a viewport into what our culture has become. There is no respect for the peer, there is no respect for what the other people put in. Is it really that difficult to line up and give the other players a handshake? It may not be sincere, but it is still there and being done, out of respect. It doesn't have to be televised. All we ever see is guys giving their teammates handshakes and hugs. Show some respect for your opponents, all of them, be it the 12 in basketball, 25 in baseball, 19 in hockey, or 53 in football, every one of them work hard and deserve respect from every one of the other players
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